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Javan Negin is an Iranian jewelry designer, Born in November 1993
At the age of 14, initiated engages designing area by “Graphic Design” unprofessionally; then, with many years of professional activities and conducting domestic and international projects, he obtained extensive experience in this field and studied civil engineering at the same time.
His keen interest in the design of jewelry with computer was the key reason for entering the jewelry design field. By having diverse related training, he achieved a different approach to professional activity.
Using his experiences in visualization, designing and manufacturing, he created many works by inventing new methods impacting on speed and quality of design.

Poetry is another of his interests, which resulted in his first collection of poetry in 2015 as a result of this artistic taste. Currently, he is the formal moderator of Advanced Design of Jewelry with Computers (Matrix .9) in Online & Offline manner.
Teaching” rhinoceros 6”, lecturing all the topics, including technical and thought-provoking courses, his up-to-date knowledge and professional experience are the other main strength points of his Curriculum Vitae.


  • Solidworks100%
  • Gemvision Matrix100%
  • Rhinoceros100%
  • Materialise Magics100%
  • Netfabb professional100%
  • Etabs100%
  • keyshot100%
  • adobe Photoshop100%
  • Rhino Gold100%
  • Autodesk Tsplines100%
  • Sap 2000100%
  • Auto cad90%
  • 3d max90%
  • Adobe after effects80%
  • Adobe illustrator90%
  • Artweaver 80%
  • Zbrush70%
  • Adobe indesign80%
  • Coreldrow70%
  • Grasshopper70%


Design and development are both creative pursuits, and in digital, one couldn’t exist without the other. Having said that I find joy in development by bringing design to life, which is why I wouldn’t classify myself as ‘hardcore developer’ but instead one that can bridge two philosophies and ways of thinking. Say ‘no’ to pigeon holing!


My work doesn’t end with the brief. Going above and beyond the parameters that have been set out is essential, not only for your own personal achievement and development but it reflects back into the work you produce for clients.


My work crosses a broad range of categories in the jewelry making space, both from a design and a technical perspective. I believe in using the right tools for the job so don’t subscribe to following bandwagons. By analysing the job at hand for what it is, you can make informed decisions to ensure the right tools are used to solve the creative problem.


The focus of my work shifts as the need arises for certain skills in the working environment. This can be both a positive and negative experience, on the one hand you can hone your skills in an in-demand area, but on the other hand you’re ready to explore different areas. This is why I explore ideas and concepts outside of my work so I always have something new to share.


I enjoy creating side projects outside of my working life to share and engage with others. This can be through competitions or websites. Work makes up such a big part of our lives and I believe in expanding my ideas and skills without needing it to be on a client brief.